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Kill UK Citizens = 'hero'

4 comments, 246 views, posted 12:08 am 13/04/2019 in News by griffin
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How can you shoot and kill unarmed UK citizens in the UK, in broad daylight and before eyewitnesses, and be called a hero?

Do it in Derry, in a British Army uniform.

The M25 is expected to grind to a halt with organisers of the Rolling Thunder event predicting 7,000 bikers will join the motorway before riding into the capital. Rolling Thunder’s Facebook page shows bikers massing at service stations in Leicestershire and Cheshire and features video clips of motorcycle convoys heading south from the North East, Yorkshire and Derbyshire. The ride-out is being staged in support of “Soldier F”, a 77-year-old army veteran who faces murder charges for killing two civil rights demonstrators in Londonderry in 1972.

Funny that the article doesn't mention that fourteen unarmed protesters were murdered, and another fourteen injured. A few weeks after this happened, the British held an inquiry and found everyone acted appropriately, cups of tea all around, jolly good show. Years later, after the Good Friday Agreement went into force, another inquiry started. Those who testified were promised that their testimony would never be used against them. It was found that the British paratroopers opened fire on unarmed civilians. The authorities now knew what happened, but were unable to bring charges against the soldiers, because they could not use their testimony from the inquiry against them. An inquest was recently completed, and from the evidence presented there, charges were brought against only one soldier, who like the rest of the soldiers has been kept anonymous, hence 'Soldier F'.

And these bikers think he deserves 'justice'. Well so do I.


7:32 am 13/04/2019


I think it's time to draw a line under it all and move on.

12:17 pm 13/04/2019


How convenient. We shall simply pretend the past didn't happen. We shall 'move on'.

Sorry for your quest for justice for your murdered family members. Sorry your dad never came home or came home in pieces, but you are inconvenient and boring. Don't take us from our comfort zone and please don't present us with awkward facts.

Have i got it right, or is this also too boring or irrelevant to garner any attention?

2:17 pm 13/04/2019


I know people who were from both sides, some who were sent home in pieces, some who may as well have been sent home in pieces.

Quote by griffin:
Have i got it right, or is this also too boring or irrelevant to garner any attention?

It's worth the attention, though not with someone who'll blindly argue to the point where it becomes about the effectiveness of Giraffes hooves in custard.

2:26 pm 13/04/2019


People deserve justice, so sorry for the inconvenience, and your custard.

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