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Dog befriends baby giraffe

1 comments, 165 views, posted 5:51 pm 22/11/2019 in News by Paracelsus
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A dog in South Africa has befriended a baby giraffe that was abandoned at birth, rescued and taken to a local orphanage.
Jazz the giraffe arrived at The Rhino Orphanage just days after birth. A farmer found him in the wild, weak and dehydrated, and called the center for help.
Resident watchdog Hunter quickly began to care for the newcomer.
Caretaker Janie Van Heerden says they bonded immediately.
She says the baby giraffe had been given IV fluids and is doing much better. He is being fed milk and is trying to eat leaves.
“Possibly soon he will be able to go home,” she said Friday.

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