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Angler fishes World War I-era grenade from a river

0 comments, 403 views, posted 8:40 pm 02/12/2019 in News by Paracelsus
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A magnet-wielding angler has fished a World War I-era grenade from a western Michigan river.
WOOD-TV reports the angler found the explosive Tuesday after dangling the magnet from a bridge in the Grand River in Grand Rapids.
Joseph Alexander told the television station he “thought it looked like a grenade, but not one” he’d seen before. Alexander said he posted photos of it online and people commented that it was a grenade and he should call police.
Grand Rapids police say the device is a “German Granatenwerfer” and that it will be stored until detonated safely. Sgt. John Wittkowski said since the device was so old and had been submerged for a long time it likely was no longer very dangerous.
Alexander said magnet fishing is a hobby.

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