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Trump Was Right...

5 comments, 156 views, posted 2:46 pm 20/01/2020 in News by REALITY
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Warehouse in Puerto Rico Discovered this week FILLED with US Survival Aid for Hurricane Maria

In 2018, nearly a year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, reports surfaced that piles of food and supplies were left to rot in semi truck trailers, and ended up eaten by rats and other vermin.

This was while San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz used every opportunity to try to blame Trump, saying that D.C. wasn’t sending enough aid.

CBS reported in 2018: Donated food sent to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria were left to rot in a parking lot of a government facility, CBS News corresondent David Begnaud reported Friday. Additionally, about 10 containers filled with non-perishable supplies sat at the government facility for 11 months.

And this week another warehouse full of US survival supplies was found in Puerto Rico.

A gigantic warehouse was discovered in Puerto Rico this week that was filled with US Survival aid sent there two years ago after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

It was found because of the earthquakes!

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3:20 pm 20/01/2020


More have been found. Despicable. People are still suffering after the earthquakes.

6:43 pm 20/01/2020


So a Democrat run government conspired to hide emergency relief supplies, putting people at grave risk and prolonging their suffering in order to fraudulently slander a Republican president they hate.

Where are the criminal charges?

7:09 pm 20/01/2020


It is a heck of a lot more involved in that. It is corruption, it is disorganization, it is greed, it is politically motivated, it is heartless politicians who do not care about the people they represent. However, it is mostly because if they could show more need, by making their people suffer then more aid would be sent and yes, Trump would look like a heartless chump. I know aid was there, the mobilization prior to Maria and after was massive. In fact so massive that for almost two months I did not see my husband as he spent most of his days and nights working the disaster logistics. It was infuriating when people said the US/Trump did nothing, because I know they did.

7:12 pm 20/01/2020


Worst, my family and friends suffered, and some are still suffering because of the horrendous PR government, and the continuous earthquakes are doing nothing but compounding the problem. My Auntie is so scared to drive that I have no idea about the condition of my house. It coudl have crumbled and I do not know. Ugh!

1:05 am 21/01/2020


I really hope my friends and family in PR rise up and run these corrupt assholes out not just office but the island, anything shy of lynching their asses, especially the governor and mayor of San Juan

I watched the video and now I'm really fucking pissed almost want to move back and start protesting till the whole thing is replaced with non corrupt citizens and none of the political class that let this happen

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