UN: The World Must Be Prepared To Welcome Refugees From Wuhan

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The world needs to prepare for millions of people being driven from their homes by the impact of the Wuhan Flu, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said on Tuesday.

"The ruling says if you have an immediate threat to your life, and if you cross the border and go to another country, you should not be sent back, because you would be at risk of your life, just like in a war or in a situation of persecution," Grandi said.

"We must be prepared for a large surge of people moving against their will," he said. "I wouldn't venture to talk about specific numbers, it's too speculative, but certainly we're talking about millions here."


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12:57 pm 29/01/2020


Fuck off? That's all fine and dandy but when their life is threatened and them coming threatens the lives of others, then back they go.

5:35 pm 29/01/2020


I think I saw the first 3.2 million would be headed to the EU.

5:38 pm 29/01/2020


Though I may have just made it all up.

5:48 pm 29/01/2020


As long as each member of the UN puts up a family from Wuhan in their own homes then, after that they can call the shots for letting 'refugees' in. If even one of them doesn't do it then call the whole idea off

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