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Puppy in crime

1 comments, 107 views, posted 5:35 pm 07/02/2020 in News by Paracelsus
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Deputies take man, dog into custody in theft

A Florida man and his furry “accomplice” were taken into custody by authorities who said the man shoplifted from a store.
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Logan Wilson was arrested Wednesday and charged with petit theft and possession of meth, WTSP-TV reported.
Wilson admitted to stealing $259 worth of items from Bass Pro Shops, deputies said. He was arrested during a traffic stop after he was seen leaving the store.
Deputies also took Wilson’s four-legged friend into custody. A sheriff’s office Facebook post showing an officer holding a small puppysaid deputies took care of the “cutest accomplice” before handing him over to Hillsborough County Animal Services.
Animal services will care for the dog until his owner is released from jail. Animal services has listed the puppy as “pre-adopted.” Deputies said that if the owner doesn’t claim the dog, it will go up for adoption
It’s unclear whether Wilson has an attorney who can comment on his behalf.

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Cute puppers!

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