Translation: 'Greta feeling overshadowed by real threat to humanity'

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Greta Thunberg fears she has coronavirus and is self-isolating

ECO-WARRIOR Greta Thunberg fears she and her dad had coronavirus and has revealed they self-isolated for two weeks.

The 17-year-old climate change campaigner said they experienced some symptoms of covid-19 after a recent train tour of Europe.


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z0phi3l (5)


9:52 pm 25/03/2020


thats what she gets for not protesting in China

9:54 pm 25/03/2020


I hope she is ok. Poor kid, but yes, attention.

12:54 am 26/03/2020


Kiddo, stay at home as looooong as you need. Get healthy. Perhaps do some more research so you know that even if the planet warms three degrees we will all still be alive so you relax and maybe be happier. Hell, research nickle mines, the effects of windmills and the safety record of nuclear power so we can push really needed environmental change.

I do hope she's going to be okay. Mentally and physically.

11:49 am 26/03/2020


She hasn't had any symptoms.

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