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Real Data... yet Fox news.

2 comments, 240 views, posted 5:36 am 27/03/2020 in News by Quaektem
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7:25 pm 27/03/2020


While I am skeptical of all major new outlets and most second tier networks as well. I no longer can not watch Fox at all any more due to there complete and obvious separation from reality! I treat all videos of Hanity, Ingram, Carlson like a pop up ad full of viruses when I see them.

I am still registered as a republican as I have been since I first voted in 1988, But as of this year I am so turned off by there collective actions I am not sure I want to keep that registration.

12:09 am 28/03/2020


No more than CNN and MSNBC!

But understand the feeling that there are two realities. The news shouldn't be this profoundly different. From one channel who thinks Republicans are gods (though Tucker did call out three republicans who sold off stock before the shit hit the fan), to two that say that everything Trump does is pure evil... it's hard to figure out where to go for unbiased news anymore.

I don't tune into Fox, but they are pretty much the only conservative voice left on Youtube so they clutter my feed. When do I believe them? When they have video, video CNN and MSNBC refuse to show.

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