Vancouver Police to investigate tire marks on LGBT crosswalk....

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I want to be the reason you get out of bed in the morning...Even if it is to make sure the door is locked.



... as 'gesture of hate'

Police video shows a black vehicle that is "suspected of leaving tire marks across a portion of the pride crosswalk at the intersection" outside of the police station.


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7:34 pm 09/07/2020


I am moving to the woods, I cannot live among the morons any longer.

8:39 pm 09/07/2020


A "black" vehicle? Why are they using racist language to describe the automobile?

1:22 am 10/07/2020


What did these retards think would happen to the crosswalk? Cars drive over it, tire marks are left
These are the same retards that call anyone who dares think different to them racist come other nonsense

3:30 am 10/07/2020


Wait... so black tire marks are a hate crime now? Isn't that racist?!? I feel triggered.

3:47 pm 10/07/2020


Quote by elsels:
I am moving to the woods, I cannot live among the morons any longer.

You can join me, but not too close.  My cabin is small and well hidden.  I have lots of Whisky and hot pockets.  My collection of hummel figures is a bit unnatural, but I do name them and hold them accountable for their crimes.  The latest being that I think they're all white... so they must have had a hummle genocide at somepoint.  I'll let you know how the tribunals go.  If you drop by, please knock 3.14 times and annouce that you the "Queen of Sandlaloo" so that I know it's you.  I usualy hide behind the door with high heels and a .38 revolver.  It's unloaded though because I can't find the right flavor of gummy amuniton.

OH and if it was a Mustang that left those tracks it certainly wasn't intentional, dude just doesn't know how to drive.

3:51 pm 10/07/2020


never in my life have a seen a mustang spin its tires to show off. not even once.

3:53 pm 10/07/2020


also, how could you possibly defund the police when they need to spend money investigating this trash?

5:03 am 11/07/2020


Radical Nazi right there! (sarcasm... one can't be too careful)

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