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I want to be the reason you get out of bed in the morning...Even if it is to make sure the door is locked.



Gives the option with every story where to get your news from...neat.



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3:45 am 11/07/2020


Reuters, USA Today, AP, and PBS are center and the Washington times is right wing?

Heck, NBC, CBS, The New York Times and CNN only lean left?

The extremes on both sides I generally agree with, though there (to me) seems a left leaning bias to how they rate sources based on the way I have seen them cover news. RUSSIA TODAY AND SPUTNIK NEWS ARE CONSIDERED LEANING RIGHT!

The far-right though... yeah, those folks be crazy.

(the article I was using to identify their classifications)

I do like the concept though. What would be interesting to see is an aggregate site that filters out all the contradictions and spits out the points all sides are saying as a news blurb. Like distilled, dispassionate 'truth'.

9:15 am 12/07/2020


It does give a rough lay of the land though, not to mention who isn't reporting on certain stories....if you know what I mean.

10:19 am 12/07/2020


1:59 pm 13/07/2020


WT is right wing. I read most the center left except Axios and Vox if I can avoid it. I seldom read the right leaning news. I would like my news without slant, thankfully I am well aware the others lean left and are proud to show their bias.

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