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9:41 pm 25/04/2015


This is an acoustic version of the song I posted that you couldn't hear. I wanted to find

2 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by golfhack

2:22 pm 24/04/2015

Gone and done it now. 

Since this is now my two thousandth... And I bought a car. A fabulous 2002 Honda Odyssey. That

10 Comments • Created by griffin • Last post by djskitzy

6:03 am 22/04/2015

Liam Fitzgerald Is Cooler Than ANYONE ON THIS PAGE - PROVE ME WRONG 

3 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by elsels

4:08 pm 20/04/2015

Heart Not Doing As Well 

So, heart function isn't as good as it's been. Going to have a stress test in July (I

12 Comments • Created by LordViscera • Last post by griffin

12:52 am 10/04/2015

Half Way 

Just checked the accounts; we are halfway to Skegness. Summer of 2016.

14 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by marksyzm

8:57 pm 07/04/2015

Im home.... 

This is how I felt stepping across the boarder.... Finally made it to Mercedes,Texas. Been back a few

9 Comments • Created by msobis • Last post by marksyzm

6:28 pm 03/04/2015

Thank You GH!  

Thought I was going crazy, I mean I am, but I know I was seeing something strange. Loved

4 Comments • Created by elsels • Last post by golfhack

2:25 pm 02/04/2015

BB-Code Parser (For Rehosting images) 

Hi! I created this bb-code parser file some months ago, and have been using it quite often to

2 Comments • Created by mohit_117 • Last post by mohit_117

1:54 pm 28/03/2015

Happy Birthday! 

                                                                                  to Rannoush, Linzywasd, briana1556, manuelvicz, Justin, Atenclos, sfdemo, xiaoqin,

0 Comments • Created by Paracelsus

4:23 am 22/03/2015

if you want, follow me 

Ok my friends. I left Fray Bartolome de las casas in Guatemala. I then went to Ciudad de

5 Comments • Created by msobis • Last post by msobis

3:17 am 21/03/2015 is what it is... 

On the first day, God created the dog and said, "Sit all day by the door of your

0 Comments • Created by golfhack

6:03 pm 20/03/2015

Coming Home 

Im going home today - it takes roughly 5 days. That is all my friends.....

3 Comments • Created by msobis • Last post by golfhack

1:21 am 20/03/2015

Don't Weep For John. Celebrate Because He's Home 

It's been 2 months and we miss you, especially me. I miss the daily phone calls, the light-hearted

2 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by golfhack

11:54 pm 18/03/2015

Introducing Trent! 

I became a grandfather at 12:32 pm EDT today  Trenton Clark Perez  7lbs 6oz (3.4473 kg) 

16 Comments • Created by z0phi3l • Last post by Edorph

4:56 pm 18/03/2015

Happy Birthday, antiliberal! 

Show your face, feel some manlove!

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

3:09 am 16/03/2015

We're Coming To Skegness 

Connie and I are coming to England, Summer 2016. More later.

6 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by golfhack

3:40 pm 14/03/2015


8 Comments • Created by Flee • Last post by golfhack

8:44 pm 12/03/2015

I've been tempted, but I've never done this 

2 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by djskitzy

2:02 am 11/03/2015

You may have realized..... 

You may have realized ive been a little more outspoken today than a long time. Im finally going

13 Comments • Created by msobis • Last post by msobis

7:05 pm 05/03/2015

Happy Holi Teoti!!! 

Happy Holi Teoti!!! Tomorrow is Holi, a festival of colors in India. Wishing you all a very happy

9 Comments • Created by mohit_117 • Last post by evolution

2:38 pm 05/03/2015

Just a reminder... 

3 rules here, to be noted: We imply that everyone here has freedom of speech and can say

34 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by backroom

10:25 am 28/02/2015

Happy birthday, Vormid! 

Show your face, feel some manlove!

2 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by msobis

4:15 pm 26/02/2015

Happy Birthday Brother Poopypants!! 

i don't know who you are.. you haven't been here since 2008, you have made no posts, you

2 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by evolution

8:52 am 22/02/2015

Happy Birthday, happyhollie! 

Hope you're having a great one, girl, wherever you are!

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by elsels

10:59 pm 21/02/2015

Thought For The Day 

Always be yourself. Unless you can be your dog, then be your dog.

2 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by Suckapuncha