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8 years? It only feels like forever.

12 comments, 2216 views, posted 3:57 am 12/10/2011 in Personal Threads by Squirrel
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Test tube taste tester

Well, I'm not sure how it's managed to last, but today marks eight years since my wife Trina finally said "Yes, I'll put up with that meathead for eternity", and what a trip it's been.

Managed to wrangle the weekend off, okay, I was ten days over my mandatory limit at work (love how the rules fly out at crunch time), and got to bugger off home for a few to spend time with the family. Got in Thursday, took the wifey to the city on Friday, saw Flogging Molly and Rise Against live, front of the floor, had a good night and even managed to hit up the club for a while after. Spent the rest of the weekend putzing about with the kids and finishing the move for the in-laws to their new place down the way from me. I'm now officially living Everyone Loves Raymond, just Scottish instead of Italian, less religion, more swearing and drinking.

Honestly, after all these years already, I'm not sure how my wife still puts up with me, or that I end up on the road at least nine months a year, out for 28-48 days at a time and back in for only 3-4 including the 4.5 hour drive each way for work. The money is good, but the tax you pay on a relationship being away for so long is high, and it takes a lot to make things work, especially when there's kids involved now.

Maybe this winter with some luck I can find local work finally that isn't in the well servicing sector, work 19 hours, get paid 14, never have a day off, and your crew is on more blow than Tony Montana while on site. It'd be nice to work a decent day, about 12 hours or so, have a day off here and there, but be able to actually sleep in the same bed as my wife rather than some urbanized work camp bed that I have to pay to upkeep, and maybe finally get ahead for a moment.

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4:35 am 12/10/2011


She's a good woman!! I don't know if I could handle Rick being away that much. Good for you, two!!!! Happy Anniversary!

4:56 am 12/10/2011


Not to be a downer, but what ruined my relationship with the Wife was leaving the Military and being able to spend more time with her and the kids, don't get me wrong, I love it, the kids love it, but it really strained our relationship.

What I should have done is say take month off and see how things went when we were around each other more than a few hours a week. Hopefully for you it works out, like it usually does for most, just giving you a cautionary tale before jumping in all the way.

5:04 am 12/10/2011


Zop, I take the winters off usually, three months or so of being locked in the house, being voluntold for school programs, working at keeping the local arena running, schools cleared of snow, etc... I've done a good demo run of what it's like to have me around the place on the regular. We've got a good working arrangement on those things, time together is good, but if it's getting to be a bit much for whatever reason, her mom lives down the way if she wants a night off and I take the kids, or I just piss off downstairs to the man-cave in the making and she can have a night to just chill out and do whatever, she can head to the pub with the ladies (village of 300, no worries about bad country music coming from this relationship), or whatever the crap she needs to do really to just get it all out.

She understands that I need my space and alone time sometimes, just need to sit down, have a drink, collect my thoughts, and enjoy the silence for a bit. Takes a lot to find a woman who can understand that and let it go.

5:45 am 12/10/2011


Dude you're set then

7:59 am 12/10/2011


She must be related to Carol....

Congratulations mate.... may there be many more of them.....

1:27 pm 12/10/2011


PAR baby!

3:15 pm 12/10/2011


Congrats, happy anniversary! Hope many happy years follow this one. Thanks for sharing!

6:02 pm 12/10/2011


Congrats! I'm counting 18 years myself next month.

6:12 pm 12/10/2011


Quote by Squirrel:
I need my space and alone time sometimes, just need to sit down, have a drink, collect my thoughts, and enjoy the silence for a bit.

I don't think there is a man in the world that doesn't need this from time to time. Used to have a gf that would get mad because she would call the moment I got home from work and want to talk for 1-2 hours. I just spent 8-10 hrs talking to people at work...

Rule of life when living with someone... When they come home from work, apart from a "hello", don't speak to them until they speak to you.

3:19 am 13/10/2011


Thanks all.

Calculo, 18 years? Damn man, good on ya.

Flee, in my lines of work over the years, especially true. The general measure is don't bother talking until a shower and at least a half of a stiff drink is down, unless you're bothering them in the shower, then you've got their attention

Mark, 5 years before being married? Really? My wife and I were together barely 18 months before we got married. It'll be ten years together (in a relationship) come March 20 of next year. Hard to believe that given all that's happened in our lives. And, on that day, my first niece turns 5 as well, then my sister 25 the day after.

8:10 am 13/10/2011


w00t !!!!!!!!

wtg Man

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