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10 comments, 4393 views, posted 12:50 pm 02/11/2011 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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Well after the town surviving Irene without a hitch Snowpocalypse 2011 took out our little City. We lost power on Saturday night, at it's highest 70% of the City was powerless and every town/village/city around us was at 100% outage. CL&P took their sweet time and managed to get power back to my part of town, the last 4-5% early this morning at 3am. We are very annoyed, and so is most of the State, especially since after Irene promises were not kept that could have prevented most of the issues.

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12:51 pm 02/11/2011


Oh, didn't know that little bit of snow was that big of a deal! Glad you are all right!

1:06 pm 02/11/2011


It was because all the leaves are still on the trees. Broken branches took out power lines.

We escaped with just a few short outages. Everything that was weak broke last winter during the ice storm.

1:48 pm 02/11/2011


Oh, thank you for the explanation. I get it! I have a tree that could fall in a heavy snowfall, hopefully that won't come. Glad you are all safe then. Sorry for the mocking tone, it is just funny how the towns shut down after a little snow

2:23 pm 02/11/2011


I know how you feel, this town is VERY windy, and we just recently had Irene pass through as a TS most trees had already been knocked down and power lines supposedly replaced, and yet this caught CL&P by "surprise" by some accounts. Heck I just checked and there are still towns with 100% outages listed

2:27 pm 02/11/2011


Quote by elsels:
Oh, didn't know that little bit of snow was that big of a deal!

*discreetly does the secret northerner high-five with elsels behind backroom & z0ph3il's backs*

But seriously.. glad everyone's alright.

2:28 pm 02/11/2011


Thank you sir! We have had tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even some snow here too, oh yeah and that storm that wasn't a hurricane anymore that was actually worse than the actual hurricane that just passed by us. BTW we are probably not too far away as I am now a northerner around DC metro area

Bwahahaha Edorph! Hi-five!

2:40 pm 02/11/2011


You should see here in the UK!
1 inch of snow and everything grinds to a halt! Always issues because there are not enough salt-spreaders, or run out of salt, etc...
No salt = no supermarket deliveries = panic-buying causes empty shelves, because people don't think of other people - it is everybody for themselves. They can't think that if you just carry on as normal, everybody will have bread/eggs/fruit/veg as the trucks WILL come through eventually. So some people go and clear the shelves and freeze bread etc, and others then don't have, and people want to start rioting....

Train system is a laugh - in the summer, trains are delayedor cancelled because of the heat on the tracks
Autumn - trains delayed and cancelled because of leaves on the tracks
Winter - trains delayed and cancelled because of an inch or two of snow on the tracks.

And we are warned of a "mini-ice-age" this winter... wonder how we are going to be troubled...

2:43 pm 02/11/2011


Sounds like when we lived in PA, anytime the weatherman mentioned *storm, or severe weather of any kind, people would freak out and buy out all stores of specifically, milk, bread and eggs. That and as soon as a little rain started to fall, everyone would decide that going 20mph on the interstate was a great idea.

4:18 pm 02/11/2011


Meh! I hear bad weather and rush to the book store instead! I am cured of bad weather worry, I have lived in tornado alley, hurricane central and winter and earthquake central. Not too scared by much, other than being stuck at home without a good book. In order to never find myself without access to decent reading material we have Nooks too, so if there is no paper we have eink!

6:24 pm 02/11/2011


Well, I'm happy to report that it's been in the 70's & 80's here in sunny Las Vegas. A few days have dipped down into the 60's & been kinda windy. Other than that, all has been well out here, weather-wise. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Glad you are all ok, zophi!

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