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No Heating = Cold Castle

29 comments, 2511 views, posted 5:28 pm 16/12/2011 in Personal Threads by djskitzy
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The castle is a shiverin tonight folks.... the heating's packed up, and won't be fixed until next wednesday.....

Need a new fire valve, and a new pipe from the oil tank to the burner.... good job my landlord's a decent bloke, he's wired us the money to pay for it already...

So... until wednesday.... no need to put the beers in the fridge

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griffin (10)


5:00 pm 19/12/2011


she's already preggers, it wont work like that guys, I've tried already....

so.... we've got this gas fire in the living room, but the gas bottle has always been empty, and we've never used it, as it's £70 for a refil. The heating engineer turned up this morning to fit a part that he thinks may be the problem, I asked him did he think he was going to get us fixed today, he mumbles "dunno, see how it goes" so I took that as a "probably not", and while I was out, I bought a gas bottle. Got back to the house only to find the guy had fixed the heating and gone.

So yay! we have heat again, but fuck me backwards if that wasnt the last £70 in my wallet. The £70 that was going to be spent on beers for xmas.

All because a grumpy old twat didn't give me a straight fucking answer.

I've never been happy with but angry at someone before like this... I could punch him and kiss it better..... wank snot

5:14 pm 19/12/2011


Only one thing to do.. beer run to ctxmark's house under the cover of darkness.

5:23 pm 19/12/2011


now there's a plan I can get used to.....

8:26 pm 19/12/2011


Nice to see you are now nice and warm dj and btw I have put the wife on beer guard duty, she is pretty mean with a rolling pin and a meat tenderiser

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