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Holy cow! Look what I've missed!

2 comments, 1335 views, posted 7:24 pm 30/11/2013 in Personal Threads by kimmi_neutron
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your token stoner chick

Hi guys! Sorry for my absence again. Thank you to Mohit and Marky for telling me to check on threads here. Since I joined / represented Moms4MJ in the Philippines, my life has never been the same. I get emails every day, asking for help. I feel helpless that the only way I can help is to raise awareness on the urgency of the need to have marijuana available to patients who lost hope in their doctors and the pharma meds given to them. In 3 months, I lost 3 patients. The first was a 22 month old baby girl with severe seizures, the second was a boy with brain tumor, and the last was a baby girl, also with brain tumor.

When I say I lost them, I mean to say they were supposed to be waiting for access to mmj.

I'm lucky to meet people along the way. The moms with me on the group are moms of severely ill kids, mostly with seizures. I have 2 moms who were featured on local news. We got as close as talking to people from Philippine Medical Association and Department of Health (I was told it was televised). We have upcoming meetings with the Dangerous Drugs Board on the 4th and 5th.

But despite that, Moms4MJ International is going through some tough times. I will tell you more about that soon. So far, the Philippine chapter is no way associated with Moms4MJ International and the current board of directors. My chapter and others are now working independently, and are going to do some major changes regarding a lot of things.

That's all for now. I wish every one well

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9:41 pm 30/11/2013


Run from the cure - full version. 1 hour long.

11:01 pm 30/11/2013


It's Rick Simpson's birthday today (Nov30)

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