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Weekend in Syracuse, NY

2 comments, 301 views, posted 12:57 am 13/11/2017 in Personal Threads by LordViscera
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Jarl of Glencoe

We went to visit the J1 student who is getting her masters at Syracuse University for Veteran's Day weekend. We went to the Wake Forest v Syracuse game, (WF won 64-43) and this first pic was right after we got into the Carrier Dome about 1 hour before kickoff

The night before the game, we went to a steakhouse and had a really nice meal. Cory (my son) had a breakfast stout that was maple flavored! (He didn't like it but I thought it was tasty) and Mrs V had prime rib, and I had Alaskan Crab Cakes!!!! Woo HOO!!!!!!

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1:02 pm 13/11/2017


A few friends were at that game too!

8:29 pm 13/11/2017


Nice photo, Viscera. I could do with a nice steak and maple flavoured stout right now! (And sweet heated hoodie btw!)

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