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Un-Applying for a employment opertunity

5 comments, 141 views, posted 12:16 pm 13/07/2018 in Personal Threads by MASTERV
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Has anyone applied for a position at a company they already work for and changed there mind and unapplied right before interviews start?

Recently one of our Technician Lead Supervisors unexpectedly lost his job, and now they have opened the position. I applied but have regretted it from the moment I hit the send button. I have work with these people for the past 8 years. I have received zero training on anything that matters from the company and the hours have killed any college or personal courses. I am constantly denied access to documentation that I could use to train myself or become better at what I do. I keep trying to improve product, process and procedure with no success. So it will be a rough steep learning curve if I take the job (at 8% raise). The worse part is I will be 1 of 3 leads and from the boss point of view will have equal footing and equally responsible, However I know that in reality I will be subordinate to the other 2 leads. Forced to do things there way, there rules, my suggestions will never be agreed upon and all assistance and needed info to support my supervisors request will have to come from or though them.

If I cant do the job as I see fit why do it? Problem is how do I un-apply? How do I tell my supervisor that appears to want to hand me the job, I don't want it because of my negative view of the other leads or that my own mental hang ups that are preventing me from being able say yes to a job in a different circumstance I would thrive in, with out committing career suicide over a career I have already fucked up?

I cant quit without taking a pay cut so big i will have to find a job out of state. I can't advance I can't improve, I am stuck on nights because I wont go to work at 5am for the same group I work for because they suck at what they do! I cant switch to the engineering group I have the most experience at because the boss is an ass that thinks tech are a waist of money, only people with degrees are valuable. I feel stuck, I feel like i have ruin my career, I have failed to get a degree, failed to buy a house, failed to get married, failed to have kids, failed to have a job I like, failed..... An now I am worried that I will succeed and get a really great opportunity and HATE EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF IT.

Now that I have gotten the negativity out of my head, maybe I can sleep.

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12:45 pm 13/07/2018


go to the interview and just scratch your bollocks about half way through one of the questions that they ask you..

problem solved...

12:45 pm 13/07/2018


Personally, I would go into the interview aggressively. As a condition of getting the position require equal input, access to the training you need, and more control over your hours. Explain how this will enable you to be the best Technician Lead Supervisor and how what your asking for will help the company as a whole.

If they say no you just look like a dedicated employee (which is safe), if they say yes you may drastically improve your quality of life.

1:09 pm 13/07/2018


I'd be contacting HR.

1:37 pm 13/07/2018


I have failed to get a degree, failed to buy a house, failed to get married, failed to have kids, failed to have a job I like

Degrees are kind of overated. Work ethic and drive is what matters. Most people don't have a job they like. I don't overly enjoy my job but I like the people I sit with and I'm good at my job. Regarding wife and kids, it is better to be patient than rush and regret.

3:06 pm 13/07/2018


my negative view of the other leads

You can change that by being the positive one. In my last job, the team I was on was viewed as unapproachable. When I came to the team I changed that view by always stopping what I was doing to answer questions and going to very one before I left to make sure no one had any questions.

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