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Life in Connecticut

8 comments, 764 views, posted 4:48 am 17/09/2019 in Personal Threads by evolution
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It's been over two years in Connecticut now. Life is definitely interesting.

I got laid off a year ago and haven't been able to get hired as a software implementation consultant since. So I now I work with Dementia Patients (and one guy with a Traumatic Brain Injury); barely one step up from retail on the income tiers and full of challenges. Most recently one of them had a bowel movement and left sh*t stains in my car. Cost me $159 to get it cleaned including the biohazard fee. The agency has agreed to reimburse me for the cleaning, but I also ended up missing my evening shift with another client as a result, and those are lost wages that I'll never get back. I need to get back into corporate work.

My social and romantic life is going really well. I met a girl, Jessica, and she's the reason I haven't moved back to Atlanta after losing my job. We met taking ballroom dance lessons.

Last month my parents visited from Georgia, meeting Jessica for the first time. They seem to like her, expressing their approval on several occasions. They also met her parents. Her father is a realtor/contractor and my father was an architect, so that helped. They found a lot of common ground (pun intended).

I took my parents to see the Yale campus and Beinecke Rare Book Archive. Another day Jess and I took them to see Mystic Connecticut. We went to the Mystic Seaport Museum and then went to Drawbridge Ice-cream for dessert and to watch the drawbridge go up and down.

After my parents went back, Jessica and I celebrated our one year anniversary of dating. I treated her to dinner on the Essex Steam Train. A few days later we made a road trip out to the SW corner of Connecticut to see the Phillip Johnson Glass House the First Presbyterian Church of Stamford (both fine examples of modern architecture) and finally had dinner at The Melting Pot. Jess treated me as an early birthday present.

It's been a good summer aside from the work issues! I'm looking forward to dancing with Jess to the music of Fleetwood Mac when we go to see a tribute band this Saturday.

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8:24 am 17/09/2019


Man, despite the work not being perfect, I am so glad to hear you being somewhat happy and contented. Good going, my friend.

11:57 am 17/09/2019


Mostly good news, good to hear!

12:27 pm 17/09/2019


Check out UHG/Optum,they might be laying off support people but there are still a few software development jobs in Hartford and Windsor, if you see anything for Rocky Hill, they are moving to Hartford in Nov.I'm in the same boat, most of my coworkers have not found anything, I have applied for 2 internal positions that pay more, but if nothing comes of them I'm on to move to MN sometime in the Oct/Nove time frame

2:59 pm 17/09/2019


Good news on the social life! Looked for job posting with the company I work for, but the closest stuff is Boston and all relates to aircraft. Looks like they don't do software stuff near either of you.

3:48 pm 17/09/2019


Life is all about those silver linings! Thank you for sharing your update, some things are not great, but other things are fantastic, congrats!

9:58 pm 18/09/2019


I take care of people with dementia. It is a fun bunch to say the least.

3:35 pm 20/09/2019


Thanks, everyone!

z0phi3l, thanks for the suggestion! I've applied to Optum before, but I never heard back. I'll keep an eye on the job boards, though, to see if a suitable position comes up to apply again.

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