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Life is teh suck

0 comments, 4139 views, posted 9:02 pm 19/07/2008 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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Well life just went from bad to worse. The Ex and me due to some really complicated and screwed up reasons are sharing a place again. To add to the stress I'm still unemployed. Well Wednesday night for the second night in a row, she had these horrible pains in her stomach area, while not new she had never had an attack two nights in a row, it was usually for an hour or so every 6 months give or take. So off to the Emergency room we go at 1:30 am, happens to be that she has Gall Bladder stones, and the pains were because it was blocking her bile production, she gets hooked up with some pain killers and all is ok, other than the fee (bill hasn't come yet), that includes an ultrasound they took to make the diagnosis. To make matters even worse is the fact that now we also have to figure out how to pay to have her gall bladder removed before it gets infected and we have to hit the E room again.


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