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The end of another day

0 comments, 1233 views, posted 1:18 pm 04/03/2007 in Personal Threads by NovaCaine
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I'z gotz identical twins!

Well that was a big weekend.

Had a new flatmate move in, which is definatley a refreshing change. So the flat was covered in moving boxes as I had one move out and another move in. Got to meet his girlfriend too, which was a good and bad thing - just bring up memories, though it wasn't as bad as I though it might've been.

Get along wiht him pretty good too, though he is adamant on paying everything seperately - whereas I'd prefer the security of a shard account - but each to their own I guess.

Got bored and started/finished The Secret of Monkey Island again. God I love that game, and the ones like it. Guess we won't be seeing those types of classics ever again, which I find to be a pity. Started to play the second one tonight, but just can't find the same hook.

Also reorganised my room, which was a great feeling. I seem to get better reception upstairs of my neighbour's WiFi too jsut as an added bonus. Moving my desk upstairs has cleared a whole heap of space in our lounge now (which is about 10+meters long) so I'm considering buying a pool table. The new flatmate is also keen on "pimping up the place" which is cool. I always had the idea, but just lacked the funds and the motivation.

I was going to brighten up my Godspace as well this weekend, but between all of this AND the Clipsal 500 on TV (too broke to attend ) I just ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow...


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