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Anime Craziness

0 comments, 1431 views, posted 8:25 am 22/04/2007 in Personal Threads by Darshu
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Urahara Kisuke

So now I'm watching two new anime's. First one I just started yesterday with the wife. Already 13 eps into it. It's called Death Note... excellent show. It's about What would you do if you could control peoples deaths.
The other one I'm watching is just interesting. Kinda hospital related... and murder mystery. It's called Monster. I don't know why I like it, maybe because I'll like almost any anime... well, almost, I do have my limits. Anyway, fun times. Hmm... It looks to me like I'm insane for anime... oh well, what else am I suppose to occupy my time with? I already excersise, and work on computers. I'm already married... so I guess I'll just do what I like to do... anyway, back to watching anime... probably watch some Bleach now.


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