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some tried to steal from me

0 comments, 1444 views, posted 8:44 pm 15/05/2007 in Personal Threads by yellowredlight
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I hate it when people try to steal from me!!!!

Friday 5/11/07 :

went out to the bar with a bunch of my friends. got sloppy drunk and came back home at 1:30, and passed the F out. Meanwhile my dirtbike is sitting outside my house chained to a telephone poll with a for sale sign on it. Well i usually take it inside but all i had on my mind when i got home was sleeping.
So at about 2:30 am, i receive a phone call from my neighbor who was just getting home from work saying that some kids were tryn to steal my bike. it actually took 2 calls to wake my ass up. so i stumble outside (still cocked) with my aluminum baseball bat to find the fucktards tryn to get the bike down the road. I chased after them on foot angrier then all hell, but they dumped the bike and had a SUV hidden around the corner and they were out.

so i grab my bike, wheel it back into my garage. So here i am 2:30 am, drunk, confused, and PISSED OFF. so stupid me hops in my jeep and i drove around till 3:30 looking for these assholes with no luck.

BUT i did get there plates, so one day, i'll see this asshat at the gas station and im going let him know how i feel........

p.s. a shot gun is going to be purchased real soon ( i was broken into earlier this year as well)


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