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Single again

0 comments, 3563 views, posted 3:53 pm 05/08/2007 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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Well this last week was rough for me, my 13 year marriage ended. Now it was supposed to happen quite a while ago, like 2 years ago, but things weren't right, what with a forced move to York Haven and then loosing my job.

So now I'm living in Mechanicsburg again and trying to remember what it was to be single and in an emptyish apartment.

In a way I'm glad it's finally over but I'm also sad that it happened at all. One of the few things about it taking so long to happen is that my kids are old enough to understand what and why it happened and to realize it has nothing to do with them. I think they'll handle the transition better than me, but at least I'm out of my mini depression.

So now comes the shitty part, I'm 35 and starting to date again, and I have no clue what I'm doing, I dedicated myself to be the best husband and father I could be and left my single life in the past, on top of that dating has changed since my days and I have no clue what the signals and how all that other stuff works now a days.


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