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djskitzy's blog post - 25/08/2007

0 comments, 646 views, posted 1:39 am 25/08/2007 in Personal Threads by djskitzy
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I've had a nice day... We had a picnic bbq in the garden, which went great...

My nephew and good mate popped round and bought beer, that was good, there still a few in the fridge looking at me (even with the fridge door closed, and in a shed in the garden with the shed door closed and the curtains of the patio doors closed, I can feel them, just there... staring... longing to be drank.... bastards...) They won't last long.

But seriously it's been great. Mrs skitz and myself were sat outside for a couple of hours, with the lights off, spotting sattellites zipping by, and looking at stars, whilst Sophie slept in my arms, and Connie in the Wife's....

Damm them kids why the fuck do they have to grow up, and have bills, and break ups, and shit...?

Tonight was near perfect.... Just a shame it's only a moment. Good job there's lots of them.....

(oh, and the dog was grand today. Proper well behaved, and everything... )

and still no smokin ciggies... almost 3 weeks now.....


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