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0 comments, 4075 views, posted 3:46 am 01/10/2007 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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Yep, I'm depressed. I hate coming home to my little empty apartment. I realized that this is really the first time I've actually been alone and I gotta say it sucks to no end. The only thing that seems to be keeping me going is that I'm just about done with school. After that? YAY more nights coming home to my empty and depressing apartment. Other than my kids and my ex, all I have are 3 people I would call friends, we hang out at work and occasionally after work. Yes I know I'm ranting but I don't fucking care anymore, I've put on the "strong" face for too fucking long and I'm fed up with it. I'm fucking pissed still that I essentially wasted my life away to support a person that was able to throw me to the side like this for a younger fucking model. I hate that my kids know more about what the fuck is going on than me and I hate my fucking in laws and their condescending ways. So to close my little rant, if you are dating, don't get married, if your married and your siginificant other seems distant get the fuck out while you can, prolonging the inevitable isn't going to do any fucking good. I'm off to find a corner and hopefully pass out drunk.


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