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Better, sorta

0 comments, 4339 views, posted 5:44 am 06/10/2007 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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Well after my rant from a few days ago I'm feeling much better. Was cathartic finally letting out some shit I was holding in, you know trying to be the "good guy" in this situation and trying to not show how I really felt to not give my ex any ideas plus trying to act "manly" and "grown up" for the kids.

I have at least something to look forward to, I finish school on the 2nd of December and the graduation is on the 16th. I'm also in a weird "relationship" with a nice girl from work, I've known her for a few months now but wasn't till recently that we started talking and hanging out. She's in a similar situation as me but she has 3 kids to also support, and the poor girl busts her ass off trying to make the meager pay she makes. She's actually called mt twice now (to my surprise) and on top of talking at work, hanging out at the bar twice, we've spent quite a few hours now talking on the phone.

Now I have no clue where this is going or if it is anything more than a good friendship but it's nice to have someone to talk to from time to time, and we'll see where it leads


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