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I have never done this before

0 comments, 3553 views, posted 9:01 pm 08/10/2007 in Personal Threads by Paracelsus
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Alchemist in Training

OK, first blog entry I have made anywhere.
I retired this last May after teaching for 31 years. I knew I was to young by a lot of standards, but the state would let me so I did it. I just couldn't sit around for the rest of my life so I decided to go back to work. While teaching I did tech work for the school district. Nothing complicated but enough to help out the regular tech guy. The district asked me back to help out keeping the computers in the district running. Which is more then a full time job for anyone. Ask any tech person. Even the lowly unknowing ones like me.
Well I am now a blogger of some kind. I don't know how often you will see anything here. I don't know if I will even do this again.


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