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linux, old laptop

0 comments, 1286 views, posted 8:14 pm 15/10/2007 in Personal Threads by Darshu
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Urahara Kisuke

So I've been using this Ancient laptop at work to waste some time. It was running Windows ME... Yes I know, the worst that has come from Microsoft every, except maybe Vista. So anyway, I've tried repeatedly to get Puppy Linux to run on it. What makes this hard is that the CD drive doesn't work, and it wont boot from USB. Now I made a boot disk on a floppy that was supposed to find the USB and boot from it. Well after weeks of trying to get it to work, I just recently realized the laptop only likes my ONE usb flash drive, and wont read the other smaller older one that I had the puppy linux on. So I just today (haven't had much time lately) put Puppy on my newer bigger flash drive, and right now I'm writting this on my laptop running puppy. WOW, that was hard. Damn old computer that barely works, you make linux hard when it's usually very simple. Now I'm gonna go off and see about getting a new laptop, a sweet fast lovely computer that has XP on it already. Any suggestions are welcome.


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