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0 comments, 4043 views, posted 5:32 pm 04/12/2007 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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OK my neighbors SUCK, they've called the cops on my 4 times now since August, mainly over "noise", the so called noise is either me playing WoW or watching a Movie, both on my PC on my 5.1 speakers. also it seems like they've been complaining to the Landlord on top of that. To make matters worse, over the weekend I had my ex and the kids over, Sunday I played some music ~12 or 1, my ex barely noticed it was playing and she was in the same room as me, Sun afternoon I get a call from the Landlord, and he's pissed, claiming that people were complaining about my music during the DAY, I can understand at night and I've adjusted accordingly, at 9pm I turn everything down way low or off, I don't watch movies after 9, and turn the bass box all the way down. To make matters worse, yesterday (Mon) the Cops come knocking at my door at ~1pm, I had stepped out and during my 15 min absence my Ex had to yell at one of the boys for scratching the other one, Cops got called because supposedly there was yelling and banging for 20+ minutes.

I was mighty close to going off over that but stayed calm, as soon as I get a new job, I'm out of this crappy situation.


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