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Jarl of Glencoe

Currently, my family is doing pretty good, we are moving back into the house that we were in for 7 years, my sisters old house, in March. Can't wait, as we loved the yard and the layout! The house we're in now has alot of mold in the basement, and the landlord has stuff stored down there, so we can't just go in and take care of it as they don't want us messing with their stuff. My wife has asthma, and this doesn't help it. But things are pretty calm on the breathing front right now for her!. My son and I watched the BCS College Football Game last nnight and it was very exciting as we both were rooting for the same team! Usually doesn't happen!

My vision is still impaired, although it did improve in my right eye last dr's appointment. But still legally blind, can't drive or qwork my old job. Just recently discovered the joys of image shack! I'm a little slow on the hosting stuff because we never had a camera so I figured why bother. But got one last year for Ireland, so now you get to see pics of our two dogs and stuff like that, lol


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