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Viscera's blog post - 27/01/2009

0 comments, 3031 views, posted 5:33 pm 27/01/2009 in Personal Threads by Viscera
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Jarl of Glencoe

Ok, so some of the fun of diabetes is, with the lack of circulation to the extremities, there is slow healing when there are injuries. Last year, I had a third degree burn on my right leg. I didn't realize it happened, and only knew about it because the huge blisters on my leg broke, and fluid was running down nto my socks. 1 year later, after surgery and 6 months of going to a wound care clinic, it finally healed. But now I have skinned the leg, and have a dollar bill scuff on the leg again. So the ritual of wrapping it in gauze and having a pressure bandage returns. Good times. But at least I feel no pain, thus the reason why I got burned in the first place I suppose, but cest la vie.


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