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0 comments, 4368 views, posted 7:48 pm 24/02/2009 in Personal Threads by z0phi3l
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Well things seem ok for the time being, got done with training, just completed my first full week of work out of training. The job is a bit frustrating but essentially easy, frustrating in that you have to deal with people that can't find the Tools menu in IE.

Kids are doing good.
William my youngest seems to have his seizures under control, he's only had 1 since he last went to the ER, and that was because he missed a dose of his medication. The specialist seems to think it could be a bout of temporary seizures and he should grow out of them, and only for now changed the frequency of his dosages. My oldest turned 15 last week, she's almost a grown Woman . The middle child is his usual overachieving self.

The Ex moved her BF in and I hear things are going well for them. I plan on driving down and seeing the kids real soon, just have to coordinate with her for when exactly.

Does feel a bit weird living back with Mom and her Hubby, I generally stay out of sight. One thing that really sucks is other than from work I really know no one and all my cousins are younger than me so meeting a nice lady to date is harder than I expected, hopefully that will change soon. I will be looking at rental prices in the area and if I get picked up permanently at work I'll be moving out of Mom's place (might help me score with the ladies too)


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