Oct 2010

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Jarl of Glencoe

Lots going on at church lately. Going to be on the Mission Committee at church now. Haven't had my first missions meeting yet, but we are very active ion DR and Gabon Africa. We have missionaries in Aqaba Jordan as well. My wife and I became members of the church today, and we had dinner over the pastors house Saturday night. Good times, lots of fun and good food to!

The music ministry is doing well, recording the sermons weekly, a few CDs made for people who have missed the sermons durting the week, and 30 kids CDs with the music from Kids Night will be passed out this Friday night. Steve and Allison are now on the north shore with Steve being in seminary, and we are happy to be taking part in their ministry in the future.

My eyesight is holding so far, another series of injections in my right eye this time. The hemorrhaging is hopefully going to be controlled by the intravitreal injection. So far so good, but we'll have to wait and see how it all progresses.


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