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Snake Calibration Complete

1 comments, 1151 views, posted 5:10 am 28/09/2011 in Photography by evolution
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Teoti or not Teoti: That is the question.

With the National Geographic Your Shot feature, readers and amateur photographers can submit their images for possible publication on the website and in the magazine. Check out this slideshow to see some of the best photos from September. “When I was visiting my parents in Utah this summer, I saw this garter snake on the backyard walkway, left warm from the afternoon sun. Its odd configuration led me to believe it was stuck in the crack since my brother had just recently finished putting sealant on the bricks. After taking a few photos of the hapless animal, I prepared to prod it gently to see if it truly was stuck. As I got to within two feet of it, it swiftly left its warm crack and slithered away. Not stuck—relief.” (Photograph Courtesy Alexandria Dixon /National Geographic Your Shot)

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1:36 pm 28/09/2011


very cool picture....

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