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The Route 66, by Ralph Graef

2 comments, 609 views, posted 9:05 pm 11/02/2018 in Photography by Edorph
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The Route 66, also called Will Rogers Highway, is maybe the most famous original highway of the USA. It was established in 1926 and it ran from Santa Monica CA to Chicago IL. As times passed it was bypassed by the Interstate road system and it was officially removed from the US highway system in 1985. However, as a historic reminiscence its remnants are now labeled as a scenic byway with "Historic Route 66" signs. Many roadside reminiscences and curiosities are left reminding the traveller of the exciting past when the country was developed for long-distance car travels. While some old historic motels and gas stations are still in use, many are abandoned and prone to decay.

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4:21 pm 12/02/2018


Yes, route 66 is slowly passing away before our eyes. I hope that we can still navigate it, sometime in the future. It really is a piece of history.

5:46 pm 12/02/2018


Yeah.. one of my dream trips for sure.. a little bit because of these two movies

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