Repeople us! Why the German people should be abolished

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If the stinking mental flatulence of the New Right is to be the “Deutsche Volk” [German people] again, it would actually be best to just replace them. Attention, Germans! Fall in for comprehensive repeopling! [Umvolkung]

Black, brown, yellow, white, Asians and Arabs, Africans, you people from America, India, people of all faiths – come and help us! Stream in and repeople us, but thoroughly!

Let us give this lovely stretch of land a lovelier future than “Wire Fence” Michel and the folk community of contempt are preparing for it. Repeopling is actually an astonishingly rational suggestion when you look into it more closely.

As no one who isn’t a few pillars short of a fence would shed a tear for this “German people” of timidity, envy and stink-raising, it would help all those other Germans who wish only the best for their country: those who, like me, were born here and have been living here for generations, as well as all the new Germans, wherever they come from.

Let us then build a new Germany together, built on the values of democracy, diversity, solidarity and responsibility, but also fun and passion – a people that no longer needs a wire mesh fence because we are either all foreigners or no one is.

A little more genetic and cultural seed-scattering here and a little more self-abolition through reproduction fatigue there – that, as Deniz Yücel once called it, would be the “most beautiful side of the perishing of a people”.



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