Media’s Favorite Line From the Mueller Report is Completely Meaningless

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I was out of pocket during the release of the Mueller report so I got to sit back for a few hours and digest the reaction before writing on it.

The report was everything many of us have been saying it’d be. It’s mostly a nothing-burger wrapped in a lot of innuendo, so as to keep feeding the raging conspiracy kooks in the media. Sprinkled throughout it are plenty of cat-nip like phrases which don’t actually provide any evidence of the underlying insinuation. The section on obstruction, for example, is essentially a case of “here’s this stuff we think is sketchy, but we can’t really determine anything.” In other words, it’s a walking testament to exactly why the DOJ usually has regulations on keeping material like this private. It’s a garbage use of our legal system to use prosecutorial authority to slander people without actually bringing charges.

But I digress. The report was always going to be made public and it appears the President, in not choosing to exert executive privilege over anything, decided it was best to rip the band-aid off. That has of course led to a complete media frenzy. Go through The Washington Post’s Twitter feed right now and it’s just dozens of out of context headlines and “analysis” pieces omitting the bottom line, that being that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians and that there was not sufficient evidence to charge obstruction.

As Katie Pavlich wrote, it’s essentially a bunch of pointless palace intrigue.


Much of the Mueller report is White House palace intrigue
— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) April 18, 2019

There’s no “there there” in terms of actual, substantive evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Its only real value is to serve as a second Steele dossier. Another product full of speculation that ultimately doesn’t lead to its promised end. Sure, it’s couched in authority of a special counsel, but again, there’s a reason they concluded no collusion and didn’t charge obstruction. If they had the goods, they would have used them. No one can doubt that.

One particular line really got the media’s attention though. I got no less than three alerts on my phone from different major media sources presenting the following as some kind of bombshell.


Trump, when told of special counsel's appointment, cursed and said, "This is the end of my presidency," according to Mueller report https://t.co/jNzHGDHned pic.twitter.com/xnfo8DOA62
— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) April 18, 2019

The insinuation here is obviously that Trump was admitting guilt. The thinking goes “He said he was F-ed and his presidency was over! That means he knew he’d committed crimes!!”

Let’s think about that. Imagine for a second that you are accused of a crime. You know you didn’t do this crime. Yet, everyone in the media is saying you did and you’ve now got a special counsel with unlimited resources and the full force of every government agency about to go full bore at you. Would you have confidence in the system? Or would you be nervous of having your activities misconstrued and turned into something they weren’t?

The answer for those who are honest is the latter. If I knew the FBI was putting 40 guys on me, I’d be incredibly nervous no matter how innocent I was. I’d also recognize that it was going to destroy my life, regardless of the outcome, because of how vicious the innuendo resulting from that investigation would be.

That is essentially the situation the President was (and continues to be) in and that was the motivation behind the comment. How do I know this? Because he said so just a few lines later in the report.


Everyone suggesting the president reportedly saying "I'm f*****" is evidence of guilt or that he was in legal trouble needs to keep reading and learn context. Mueller's report then says the president stated the following.
Y'all will latch onto literally anything. #MuellerReport pic.twitter.com/Ul2nTD4hDd
— Micah Rate (@Micah_Rate) April 18, 2019

See what I mean about out of context headlines? In reality, Trump was simply pointing out that Mueller’s appointment would stall his presidency and keep him from accomplishing anything. For the most part he was right. He was not admitting guilt or any other such nonsense. He was reacting in a way most would react when faced with a major investigation over something they didn’t even do.

This is exactly why this report never should have been made public. I understand the political challenges in keeping it private because it’s a special counsel report, but if that’s the argument, then this shows why we never should have had a special counsel in the first place. This report was a complete waste of time and money. It’s only value is to serve as partisan fodder for Democrats and CNN hosts. They will now spend two more years taking excerpts, separating them from principle conclusions, and inventing new conspiracy theories. Rinse and repeat.

This country has real issues that are worth spending time on. Things that actually matter and affect the lives of everyday Americans. But the media and the Democratic party would rather spend the rest of Trump’s first term chasing their mythical white whale for political gain. If there’s any justice left, it won’t work in their favor.

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3:11 am 19/04/2019


It's been fun watching the Left contort the facts to fit their fake news narrative

3:41 am 19/04/2019


Quote by HariSeldon:
It’s mostly a nothing-burger wrapped in a lot of innuendo

Hmm. Someone either hasn't read it, or doesn't understand it, then.

Quote by HariSeldon:
Trump was simply pointing out that Mueller’s appointment would stall his presidency and keep him from accomplishing anything. For the most part he was right.

I wonder what 'big ticket' items that trump was working on had to be back-burnered because of Mueller's investigation?

Quote by HariSeldon:
This country has real issues that are worth spending time on.

Like a president undermining the Constitution? Gee, I don't know, you'd think conservatives would care about that. But I guess they are trumpers now.

Quote by HariSeldon:
This report was a complete waste of time and money.

The report was worth every penny, and we should start another one tomorrow. Transparency and accountability matter, especially in this era of the imperial presidency. Did any trumpers notice how often trump tried to interfere in the investigation, for instance? Or do they care? Obama spent eight years shitting on the Constitution every single day, and now the orange turd does the same. We need someone to keep an eye on these motherfuckers, and it is obvious that Congress isn't up to the job.

2:18 pm 19/04/2019


we need a tin foil hat emoji.

2:29 pm 19/04/2019


Or blinker removal fluid.

2:31 pm 19/04/2019


I haven't read it but from what I've gleaned it's the same as Hillary and her email server. Bad bad bad, but not illegal.

I guess what's good for the goose.....

3:10 pm 19/04/2019


Quote by Flee:
Bad bad bad, but not illegal.

That isn't the takeaway I had from the whole email thing. Hillary did in fact break the law, the investigation concluded this. Comey declined to prosecute. That is not the same thing at all. In regards to trump, it becomes clear on reading the parts about obstruction, that the only reason they did not conclude that trump obstructed the investigation is because his staffers refused to carry out his intstructions. Specifically McGahn and Sessions. Even Bannon makes a show as a white knight in this affair, and I certainly didn't see that coming. In any case, it wasn't for lack of trying on trump's part.

3:23 pm 19/04/2019


I was talking about the general consensus. I feel both her and trump should probably be in jail, and to make it extra tough on them, they can share a cell

3:26 pm 19/04/2019


I still stand by my theory that the only people that should be allowed to run for president are people that don't want to be the president.

The desire for that level of power means asshole. History has yet to prove me wrong

4:49 pm 19/04/2019


I can't even see the goalposts any more.

7:28 pm 21/04/2019


Interesting quote from a Bush assistant on Obama.... 'I guess if I had failed to stop Russia from marching into Crimea, making a mess in Syria, and hacking our democracy I'd be looking to blame someone else, too.'

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