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US adversaries are watching us self-destruct

4 comments, 187 views, posted 1:44 am 15/05/2019 in Politics by griffin
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US adversaries are watching us self-destruct as Trump foreign policy spins into chaos
Tom Nichols, Opinion columnist

Trump has blundered into conflict with competitors, insulted allies and made the US a laughingstock. No one is in charge, and it's frightening.

If we take a moment to pull ourselves away from the daily melodrama of President Donald Trump’s efforts to suppress a report that he claims exonerates him, we might notice that American foreign policy has spiraled completely out of control.

Our trade war with China continues, for no other reason than that the president does not understand how the international economy works. After two splashy but vacuous summits that never should have happened, the North Koreans continue to press ahead with their nuclear program.

Meanwhile, Trump’s clumsy ditching of the Iran deal has achieved the miracle of ceding the moral high ground to Tehran and making a terror-supporting regime seem like the aggrieved party. The Iranians are now threatening to resume parts of their nuclear program that would put them closer to potentially making a bomb — as the White House stares dumbfounded, with no second move for a contingency that anyone who can think more than 10 seconds ahead would have seen coming.

After a promise to restore America’s standing in the world, Trump has blundered into conflict with our competitors, insulted our allies, and generally made the United States into a laughingstock.

Why is this happening? Who’s in charge in Washington these days?

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2:11 am 15/05/2019


I think they(we? Since I'm not American) have been doing this before Trump.

Even Canadian leaders have been one turd after another for a while now.

Our leaders are happy to claim environmental love, etc while just spending us into the largest debt ever. I truly start to wonder if there is a movement in thinking "who cares about debt? I'll be dead and won't have to pay it back".

40% of Ontario's GDP goes to debt right now.

3:24 am 15/05/2019


Quote by Flee:
40% of Ontario's GDP goes to debt right now.

Holy fuck. That is brutal.
I think that the assholes we elect are prone to the allure of easy debt and the magic of public money well spent. It seems that public spending = re-election is carved in stone within their fused minds, and this leads to very predictable patterns. The patterns are evident throughout the liberal democracies, from Japan to Greece, and from Italy to the USA. The unwillingness of politicians to either cut spending, or to give bad news about raising taxes, or both, is a very serious problem. From the libertarian end of the spectrum, government shouldn't be doing half the shit it does, and that is literally a 50% reduction in the federal budget right there. Now you could point to the politicians and castigate them for their insane spending, but when is the last time a politician was fired for spending too much money? Never. They get fired afterwards, when the consequences kick in, and never until then. In other words, the electorate keep getting fooled, again and again. They want the free shit, and they want the low taxes. But this does not, alas, compute. It never will.

6:06 am 15/05/2019


This is one of those times I agree with you in principle but question why Trump is worse than the last five before him.

8:10 pm 15/05/2019


Quote by Quaektem:
why Trump is worse than the last five before him.

I'd say it is his base stupidity. His arrogance doesn't help, nor his belief that he already knows the right answer. His ignorance too is a great hurdle. He has spurned the advice of respected experts, this too is a problem. He has surrounded himself by ignorant, biased yes-men. All this on top of the attention span of a toddler, and the emotional stability of a freaked out teenager.

There's probably many more reasons I could list if I thought about it for a while, but those are the main reasons trump is so much worse than his predecessors.

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