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Good for the gander...

0 comments, 249 views, posted 12:11 am 10/07/2019 in Politics by griffin
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Lollers. trumperty-dumperty just got slapped down in federal court, where it was judged that his use of social media constituted official usage, and that therefore this account became a First Amendment zone, and that consequently, trump could not block critics and stifle their First Amendment rights to criticise him. And call him a prick.

Don-don's lawyers claimed that his social media use was personal, and the judge essentially laughed that shit out of court.

Now, Occasional-Cortex has transgressed in a similar manner. Courtroom slapdown in 3...2...1....

AOC sued by former assemblyman after blocking him on Twitter

He clapped back — with a lawsuit.

Former Assemblyman Dov Hikind sued Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday for blocking him on Twitter.

Hikind claims in a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court that the freshman congresswoman prevented him from viewing her account because of “opinions he expressed” about her in replies on the social media site.

“Because of Plaintiff’s criticisms of AOC, Mr. Hikind has been prevented or impeded from viewing AOC’s tweets, from replying to the tweets, from viewing discussions associated with the tweets, and from participating in those discussions,” the lawsuit reads.

In the suit, Hikind cites a court ruling against President Trump.

A federal appeals court in New York ruled on Tuesday that Trump’s practice of blocking critics on Twitter runs afoul of the First Amendment.

The @AOC account has more than 4.6 million followers and regularly posts witty retorts to her detractors.

Some have collected lists of her most infamous “clapbacks.”

Hikind, a former Democratic lawmaker from Brooklyn, added that “several others, including journalists” have been blocked from viewing or interacting with Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets.

“If you or anyone you know has been blocked by @AOC please get in touch with me ASAP!” Hikind tweeted on Tuesday.

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