Sarah Wollaston’s Shameless Hypocrisy

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A tormented man.

Sarah Wollaston took to the airwaves this morning in her debut performance as a Lib Dem MP. This is, of course, after she was elected as a Conservative, defected to The Independent Group, rebranded to Change UK, which she then quit to sit as an independent again. Finally she has ended up as a member of the party she likened to a “whiny child” in 2012.

Wollaston has flitted from party to party with impunity, flying in the face of her original argument that defecting MPs should face by-elections. She now claims that there simply isn’t enough time to hold a by-election and her (Leave-voting) constituents deserve an MP who will work to cancel their vote. Right…

It’s worth remembering what the good doctor told her constituents when she was begging for their votes back in 2017.

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tamsnod27 (5)


9:11 am 16/08/2019


A great example why BREXIT is up the swanny.

9:30 am 16/08/2019


KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(mark says so...)

9:49 am 16/08/2019


...and twice on Sundays.

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