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It was the RUSSIANS....

3 comments, 240 views, posted 8:43 am 07/12/2019 in Politics by REALITY
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I want to be the reason you get out of bed in the morning...Even if it is to make sure the door is locked.

Russia WAS behind leaked documents that Jeremy Corbyn used to 'prove' Tories plan to sell off NHS, says Reddit as it BANS 61 accounts linked to Labour dossier - as PM mocks rival's 'Bermuda Triangle' claims

Reddit said it has banned 61 accounts following an investigation into a Moscow disinformation campaign

Revelations are an embarrassment for the Labour leader who continues to use dossier as ammunition

Russia's hand was already suspected after Graphika this week drew parallels with 'Secondary Infektion'

Labour leader's refusal to stop parading suspected Russian-leaked dossier adds to criticism of his moral judgement


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6:53 pm 07/12/2019


... but Russia elected Trump!

8:23 pm 07/12/2019


Russia, Russia, Russia...

8:48 pm 07/12/2019


What documents, all I see are paper with black lines on them. Could be a porn script for all I know.

Conversation needs to change from Russia Hacked our election, Russia Hacked our leaders emails to:
Who is so incompetent that they easily got Hacked?
How are we going to hold leaders and parties responsible for careless actions that get them hacked?
How do we prevent Russia from hacking us?
Are we Hacking back harder they they Hack Us? Where is Putin's dirty little secrets? What about Iran's religious leaders browser search history? Or Kim's computer files (wait never mind don't want that one).

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