Biden, so this happened...

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z0phi3l (5)


12:47 pm 06/08/2020


I really hope Americans realize that electing this bumbling idiot is not going to go well, and most likely he'll just be a puppet and not really in control, but just doing the bidding of the bid DNC donors

1:44 pm 06/08/2020


All you have to do is get Biden amped up.   He will fall apart.

3:23 pm 06/08/2020


I’m so forward to looking to stand...

Are you a junkie?

Why is Biden so hot headed?

8:33 pm 06/08/2020


Crap, Biden is just as bad as Trump when he opens his mouth. The worst part is that he has had 47 years to put forth some really awful bills that destroyed lives forever and everyone wants to gloss over them. Lord have mercy on us all. The chouces we are given are not choices at all. We either die by firing squad, or die by drowning, either way you are dead.

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