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Fuel Price Rises... Where is it All Leading?

2 comments, 1973 views, posted 5:17 pm 02/03/2012 in Rantings & Flame Bait by djskitzy
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The average price for unleaded petrol in the UK, is now at it's highest ever price of £1:37.9 per litre.... that's fucking ridiculous. When i started driving 20 years ago, it was 49.9p per litre.... wages have hardly changed in that time. £200 a week for manual work was pretty normal then, and still is now. It's almost like "they" are trying to cut the amount of cars on the road by pricing the poorest off the road.

I can't wait for where this is all leading.... that is for electric cars to become mainstream and popular. But when that happens "they" will still want "their" taxes paid, and losing out on fuel duty would be a massive cut to the government coffers that "they" would not allow.... is the value of increased electricity consumption going cover the loss? I doubt that very much, and so what does that mean? an added tax on charging your car? New taxes on driving (as if there isn't enough already), more toll roads, or maybe a shift away from using cars and their users as cash cows, and targeting another area, say, internet traffic, or alcohol... The money has to come from somewhere, and dammit, they will make sure it does....

[/rant over]

NB: The closest fuel station to my house has fuel listed at £1:45.9 for unleaded and £151.9 for diesel....

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5:18 pm 02/03/2012


Quote by djskitzy:
It's almost like "they" are trying to cut the amount of cars on the road by pricing the poorest off the road.

Almost? Hell, it's part of America's energy policy!

5:33 pm 02/03/2012


As average automobile fuel economy increases, you can bet you're in for more taxes. It will likely be a higher tax rate on the gallon or litre purchased. I wouldn't be surprised if the next step is you have to report your annual miles / kilometers driven when you renew your car registration. Your car registration fee will likely be variable based on the number of miles you drive.

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