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Terror Theater

0 comments, 418 views, posted 10:03 pm 23/10/2016 in Rantings & Flame Bait by tricpe
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Major Lars Koch, pilot of a German Army Eurofighter, faces your verdict. A Lufthansa-Airbus is high-jacked by terrorists; Major Koch is ordered to divert the Airbus from its course - can he do the right thing? There are 164 people on board Flight LH 2047, Berlin to Munich. The Airbus has suddenly changed course for the Allianz-Arena where a capacity crowd of 70,000 have gathered for the Germany verses England international. Major Koch must react. What are his orders? If the terrorist do not change course, can he, should he, shoot down a passenger jet? The clock ticks, Lars Koch makes a decision.

Ferdinand von Schirach’s debut play questions the very notion of human dignity. Can any human life be measured against others, regardless of the number? What circumstances could there ever be be, to avoid one catastrophe with possibly a smaller catastrophe? Who is responsible? Is it only Lars Koch alone here on trial?

The Jury decides. The Jury is YOU!

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