A Reasonable Take On Where We Are I Think

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So I'm about to become what I hate- someone who's writing an obscenely long post. About politics no less. Gross. Anyway, here goes.

We need to talk, far-left liberals. Don't get defensive, now. Just breathe. Take a seat. It's all going to be ok. I love you. I'm on your side and yes I voted for her. I'm not here to mock you or cut you down. But we need to talk.

We need to talk about you, and how you're perceived outside the urban bubbles that you tend to populate. It appears that you've spent so much time worrying about what the rest of the world thinks about you that you forgot to worry about what the rest of THIS COUNTRY thinks about you.

I can hear you already: "Oh yeah? Fuck those rednecks! We don't need em! They're all a bunch of sexist homophobic racist anti-semitic xenophobic goat fuckers anyway!"

Those people do exist, but It's really not that simple. Please allow me to explain.

We're divided right now, and the line in the sand isn't between black and white, or north and south; It's between urban and rural. And I'm one of the few people I know (and you know) who's intimately familiar with both cultures. I grew up in rural white america, and I've spent the majority of my adult life in New York City.

All night and day, people have been pulling their hair out trying to figure out how it came to this. How could THAT FUCKNG GUY get elected to the Oval office?

The most commonly presented explanations include:
"This entire country is racist!"
"This entire country is sexist!"

Again, I'm not saying those people aren't out there, but this a largely false generalization. Most rural people, as you'd expect, are pretty simple. But they're normal. The men just want to go to the plant/factory/rig/pit/garage, work their hours, and come home to their simple wives who have a simple warm meal ready for them.

No, really. Not every guy is destined to move to the big city and chase after lofty childhood dreams, and not every woman is meant to become an alpha female freedom fighter feminist badass. The simple life might not be for you or me, but it's preferable for millions of people in this country.

So why'd they vote the way they did? How'd she lose sure thing states like Michigan and Wisconsin? Because those people felt as if that life they'd become accustomed to was under attack. I know that this notion sounds silly to us in the city, but it's a very real idea to them. Rural America has been so beaten down economically for decades so badly that there just aren't many good jobs left there. Until you've seen someone try to raise a family on $12.50 an hour, don't be so quick to judge them.

I can hear you again: "But Phill, it's assholes like HIM who had a hand in outsourcing all their jobs!"

You're not wrong, and I'm going to get to that in a second. But first we need to talk about the thing I opened with- perception of liberal culture to everyone that's NOT within a 25-minute drive of a major city.

Uber-progressives like to fancy themselves as an all-loving group that welcomes all, but that's only true to an extent. Liberals don't hate people based on gender, race, sexuality, body image, or hair color, but they do hate people based off of one key attribute- worldview.

Urban and Rural might as well be recognized as two different languages. When I moved to New York, I had to re-learn the meaning of words like "privilege," "appropriation," and "trigger." Words that quickly and often get weaponized when someone disagrees with someone else, but they'd rather not have an actual conversation. Here's an example.

"Hey have you seen Tom?"
"Nah, he's running late."
"Pfft! What a fag."
"What.. did you.. just.. say?"
"Do NOT fucking use that word."
"Uhh.. oh..k"
"It means you hate all gay people. You're a homophobe."
"I don't hate-"
"No... I don't. Tom's my friend. That's a thing you say to-"
"Uhhh... right."

This goes on for another 15 minutes, typically. And it always ends in that person being labeled a racist, a sexist, or some other name. And that's exactly what it is- name calling.

Seriously, have you ever called someone one of those things and had them calmly go
"Good point. I'd like to join your political party? Who should I vote for?"

When you attack people who aren't actually homophobes, misogynists, and racists for supposedly being those things, you're not helping your cause- you're just alienating people who were probably on board or at the very least neutral in the first place.

Now let's apply that concept to our rural friends I described above. Let's say for a moment that you were a swing voter living in a rural midwestern town and ever since the auto industry collapse, you've had a tough time. You've burned through all your savings, had to sell your car and ride your bike to work year round no matter what the weather is, and you're eating a ton of Ramen noodles. Your life isn't what it used to be, and you're frustrated.

One day, after a hard day at work, you tweet a meme that you thought was funny to a friend, and this meme had a mild gay joke in it. A couple minutes later, some random kid from New York tweets you calling you a homophobe. He then proceeds to call you a loser and says that you're not "woke." Just for good measure, he leaves an #imwithher at the end.

Later that night on TV, you see an absurd cartoon character of a politician who's screaming something to the effect of
"Don't worry, you can say whatever words you want with me, AND I'll get you a better job. Vote for me!"

Honestly, who's party you going to vote for?

Eeeeeexactly. And they don't give a fuck which guy in a suit outsourced them the first time, they just want their jobs back. Their simple lives.

There's been a lot of blame and finger pointing the last day or so. But if you want to know where to actually place the blame, it's time to take a long hard, self-righteous look in the mirror. Cause this one's on you.

The rural population doesn't hate you- in fact a lot of them watch movies that take place in New York and LA and fantasize about visiting! But what they don't like is the incredibly smug and dismissive attitude that is often thrown their way- the fact that they're referred to as "flyover states" is actually pretty fuckin insulting.

I know it's hard to imagine, but this is exactly how they felt eight years ago- dejected, scared, and mad as hell. They felt left out, saw an opportunity to stick it to the cool kids, and stick it they did.

So where do we go from here, now that the sky is apparently falling? Well for starters, try not to insult and look down upon potential allies and potential voters. Be more welcoming. Be excited to share the cause with people and help them understand, and do it with a smile on your face.

The progressive causes are worth fighting for. I know that your hearts are in the right place. But it's time to stop sharing the ideas AT people, and start sharing them WITH people. Anyone with half a brain will be on board, but only if the message is delivered with love and not with hate

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11:19 am 10/11/2016


love the new profile pic!

11:43 am 10/11/2016


My face book news feed is full of "You elected a rapist" blah blah blah. Dems can be some spiteful butthurt bitches sometimes

1:08 pm 10/11/2016


Yup, the fear mongering I have read it mind blowing. All my island friends think they are going to get "deported" and stripped of their citizenship, that kind of crap is disgusting.

Not only are people narrowminded, they are also very misinformed, they don't read, they don't seek explanations, they see a photo and take it at face value without bothering to even look further. For example: ABC News in San Fran posted a video of the Swastika flag flying over a house in San Fran, the caption on the video said: Not See Flag flying over home after Trump election. Well of course people commneting things like, "it has begun" "all those white racists" "the concentration camps are coming" "I hate those crackers" yet out of 385 comments only five people bothered to read the article on the actual link. The video was a man flying the flag as a protest to Trump, saying that this is what he thought it would be like in his future. Yet, 380 people are under the impression that someone is actually flying that thing in support of Trump, and imagine all the shares that will get.

This is well written, but fails to put blame on where it truly lies, Washington and their policies. This was a stick it to the banks, stick it to the elite, stick it to the rich, to Hollywood talking heads and stick it to the media. Voters rejected the Bush Dynasty and also rejected the Clinton Dynasty. I hope and pray that the next four years will be prosperous and peaceful, not sure it will be, but the division must stop.

3:33 am 11/11/2016


Quote by elsels:
Not only are people narrowminded, they are also very misinformed, they don't read, they don't seek explanations, they see a photo and take it at face value without bothering to even look further.

You are describing what got Trump elected.
So why is it such a surprise that the other side thinks (or not thinks) the same way?

3:36 am 11/11/2016


Quote by Flee:
My face book news feed

What is facebook?

Quote by Flee:
Dems can be some spiteful butthurt bitches sometimes

They had 8 years to observe and learn from the other side.

5:56 am 11/11/2016


Quote by elsels:
Voters rejected the Bush Dynasty and also rejected the Clinton Dynasty

That is a backwards view, and in my opinion is a major part of what is wrong with "us"
The forwards view is that they rejected McCain for choosing Palin and Gore actually won the popular vote.
He was rejected by the electoral college. (just like HRC)
I do not think it is coincidence due to the amount of gerrymandering by R's in the last 2 decades.

6:12 am 11/11/2016


I think McCain was rejected not for Palin, but rather another lifelong repub that called himself conservative, but was anything but. The voters this year were a different animal.

1:11 pm 11/11/2016


Quote by backroom:
They had 8 years to observe and learn from the other side.

Yup. They had 8 years to learn from the other side, yet didnt learn a thing, apart from acting like those that they loathe.

That alone makes them far more pathetic.

1:13 pm 11/11/2016


Trump won by getting less votes than the previous 2 losing Reps.

Good job Dems. This is 100% on you. By not voting, you did it to yourself and have no right to complain. Bitch to Dems, not Reps.

12:50 pm 12/11/2016


Lower turnout was only one of a large number of factors.

2 decades of gerrymandering on the local and state levels served their purpose.
FBI director Comey, acting as an agent for Trump, delivered.
Constantly repeating lies and campaigning by means of innuendo... building the hate and fear to a fever pitch... worked.

I could keep going...
But I have no fear that Trump will be a disaster.
My fear is what he leaves behind.

12:52 pm 12/11/2016


When/ if the information shared by Comey with the Trump campaign, through Guilianni, becomes known...
There should be charges filed.

2:54 pm 12/11/2016


Quote by backroom:
FBI director Comey, acting as an agent for Trump, delivered.

It wasn't Comey's fault Hillary is a dumb ass with dumb ass timing. I still think without the DoJ handing out immunity deals to prime witnesses the whole Hillary thing would have ended a little differently and a lot sooner. If anyone was stiffed here it was Comey and the FBI.

Quote by backroom:
Constantly repeating lies and campaigning by means of innuendo... building the hate and fear to a fever pitch... worked.

There is actual proof of the Clinton campaign being behind this, ramping up the anti.

3:29 pm 12/11/2016


Someone didn't read the wikileaks. I did, I read them all and that is when I realized that Hillary was corrupt to the core, that she could give three rats about you or your problems as long as she got you to vote for her.

Don't forget one persona in private and one in front of potential voters.

Hillary believes that marriage is ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN
Hillary believes that the banks are right and everyone else is a whiner in their momma's basement...

Go read them for yourself. She was bought. There was so much money invested, that the banks were sending her lists of people they wanted in powerful positions.

3:36 pm 12/11/2016


Oh don't forget the DNC and Soros actually paid people to go and disrupt the Trump rallies, it is there in black and white, it is there in paper and in videos. That woman that supposedly got punched by an old man at a rally actually reached for the old man first and as he turned and tap her. She has even backtracked in her version of events now. That guy in Nevada last week, he was also a paid participant, he wasn't a Republican he was an activist for the Hillary campaign, he is also included in lists in the emails. Why? Why would some random guy in Reno be included in Podesta emails? Why would this be the second time he was involved in an incident?

3:39 pm 12/11/2016


3:45 pm 12/11/2016


When it came down to Clinton and Trump, I went back and forth on who should win on which I would vote for and when the Trump tapes came out it solidified my stand that I would not vote Trump. I then had to accept that Clinton would be the winner and that if I had to vote for either it would be Clinton... then I started reading the leaks and not only decided that I could not vote Trump, I could also not vote Clinton. I decided that neither would get my vote, that both scared the hell out of me and that even though it is a certainty that she would win that deep down inside I wanted to see her lose at great price.

They took illegal money, they invested money illegally, all wrong. All that was said about Trump fizzled, the women went back to whence they came from, they young lady made up the rape charge, she also withdrew her claims when enough damage was done. Then you realize all you have seen except for the very damaging tapes is hear say. Some women were said to have been paid for their stories to defame Trump. But the stories about Clinton were all real, not only real, there are years of accussations and payments made. This whole election was crap and we have to live with it, the best we can do is hope for the best and do our best.

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