Obama's Birth Certificate A Fake

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The evidence is conclusive. Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forged document. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse holds an urgent press conference revealing forensic evidence that proves once and for all that Donald Trump was right about Obama's birth certificate. The document is a fraud. Share this video with those who refuse to accept the undeniable evidence that Barack Obama is a Ghost President.


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Quaektem (25)


11:45 pm 23/12/2016


...so they talk about proof, but don't bother showing it.

(Mis)Info wars at their best.

12:02 am 24/12/2016


I am afraid that proof and truth are a thing of the past.

1:39 pm 24/12/2016


as Greg Gutfeld says, "It's all team sports now. It doesn't matter if stuff is true or not, if it doesn't benefit your team it gets ignored" I've been saying that for roughly 11 years

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