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When will he take credit for this?

7 comments, 595 views, posted 1:31 pm 30/12/2016 in Rantings & Flame Bait by backroom
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U.S. Steel to Restart Idled Plant, Call Back 202 Employees

U.S. Steel Corp. said it will restart production at an idled plant and call back employees following an agreement to supply iron-ore pellets to third-party customers.

The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker said in a statement that it will restart the Keetac plant in Keewatin, Minnesota, more than 18 months after the company idled the facility amid rising steel imports and falling prices. The company will call back about 202 employees from layoff as a result of the restart, Erin DiPietro, a U.S. Steel spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.

The move comes as the Bloomberg Americas Iron/Steel Index, which tracks 15 North and South American steelmakers, soared 86 percent in 2016, poised for the biggest annual rise since 2003. The measure climbed amid a 55 percent rally in prices for domestic hot-rolled coil and speculation that President-elect Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan will increase domestic demand.

“The third-party pellet sales include supplying U.S. Steel’s former Canadian operations,” DiPietro said. “Outside of the agreement with our former Canadian operations, we do not discuss our commercial relationships related to other potential third-party pellet sales.”

Employee callbacks will begin in early January, with production expected to begin in March, the company said in the statement. Shares of U.S. Steel closed at $34.87 in New York on Thursday and have more than quadrupled this year. The statement was released after the close of regular trading.


1:36 pm 30/12/2016


So when will Trump inform the public that he is responsible for saving 450 U.S. Steel jobs in Minnesota?

The comments at RL start with...
A local steel plant in Granit City Illinois has brought back about the same number of employees. THANK YOU MR. TRUMP!!! Screw you Obozo!!!!!!!!!!!!
and go down hill from there.

He has been so busy negotiating all these deals it is no wonder he is making such terrible appointments and cabinet choices.

1:48 pm 30/12/2016


not sure what he did or didn't do here, but I have issues with him negotiating these deals.
It is wrong to give company 'a' millions of our tax dollars. It is even more wrong (and precedent setting) to threaten company 'a' with special taxes if they don't play along.

Giving a company millions of dollars as sort of a hostage payment is wrong in the same way that paying terrorists millions of dollars in hostage payments. It increases the taking of hostages.

1:59 pm 30/12/2016


I appreciate the comment... and agree with it 100%
However... you completely missed my intentional exaggeration and pointed sarcasm.
(I shouldn't have to explain these things... )

2:58 pm 30/12/2016


it's also as wrong when the govt chooses winners and losers, it should set the economic climate so all companies can play by the same rules, get the same opportunities and then according to the merit of the executives, stand or fall.

2:59 pm 30/12/2016


Quote by backroom:
I appreciate the comment... and agree with it 100%
However... you completely missed my intentional exaggeration and pointed sarcasm.
(I shouldn't have to explain these things... )

maybe he didn't miss it, but wanted to talk about the issue as opposed to the sarcasm?

3:59 pm 30/12/2016



4:02 pm 30/12/2016


Alas... our tourrets syndrome doppelganger has reappeared!

Welcome back Tosser King!

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