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Donald Trump thinks you are a freaking idiot

7 comments, 2797 views, posted 11:03 pm 20/03/2017 in Rantings & Flame Bait by Vormid
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White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended President Donald Trump’s penchant for taking work to his personal golf clubs, saying that Trump is “entitled to a bit of privacy” when conducting meetings.

“It’s the same reason he can have lunch or dinner with somebody,” Spicer told Yahoo White House correspondent Hunter Walker when asked why Trump had not provided more information about the details of the meetings conducted on the golf course. “The president is entitled to a bit of privacy at this point, which we’ve always agreed to. We bring the protective pool, but the president is entitled to a bit of privacy as well.”

Walker also asked Spicer about the 10 trips Trump has made to play golf during his presidency so far, something that Trump criticized former President Barack Obama for when Obama was in office. Spicer defended Trump, and said that the president has talked about “how you use the game of golf” for diplomatic ends.

“You saw him utilize this as an opportunity with Prime Minister Abe to help foster a deeper relationship in southeast Asia, in Asia rather, and have a growing relationship that’s going to help U.S. interests,” Spicer said.

“On a couple of occasions he’s actually conducted meetings there, he’s had phone calls,” Spicer added. “Just because he heads there doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening.”

What an asshole.

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12:10 am 21/03/2017


I think Trump is a freaking idiot.

1:45 am 21/03/2017


Whats the vegas odds of him finishung a 4 year term now?

8:05 am 21/03/2017


Good exercise, good for clearing the head, good for doing Presidential business without being eavesdropped on I should think.

12:14 pm 21/03/2017


Mar a lago is a security nightmare. Anyone with money can get in and have access to the President.

3:39 pm 21/03/2017


So now your worried about him?

4:07 pm 21/03/2017


Quote by REALITY:
So now your worried about him?

Worried about him compromising the security of the nation.

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