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Gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

9 comments, 325 views, posted 11:47 am 13/11/2017 in Rantings & Flame Bait by REALITY
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The Finest Prized West Sussex Gammon.

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DoomOnYou (25)


11:56 am 13/11/2017


The first video is great. Nothing like aggressively screaming "CIVIL SOCIETY"

1:05 pm 13/11/2017


I'm kinda glad I live in the depths of backwards Sussex tbh.

1:35 pm 13/11/2017


...gender pronouns.

If you can't figure out your gender, how am I supposed to? I expect that in the end it comes down to chromosomes

side note, why did the guy woman on the right need to refer to notes so often?

non-binary... jeez.

2:39 pm 13/11/2017


Simple solution to not giving a fuck about these...

Hey buddy
Hey <insert name>

2:40 pm 13/11/2017


Or just state you identify as a grapefriut. When they tell you that is dumb, give them the classic "well..." look

2:55 pm 13/11/2017


What makes this even more absurd is that they are third person pronouns. If I am taking to you I will use 'you' or your name. Everybody does that, 'You' is gender neutral because the mear act of speaking to you identifies the subject.

It's only when I'm talking about you to someone else that this whole idiocy arises. They are so egotistical that they are forcing legislation to control speech between other people! Who's really the offended? The SJWs that are looking for a chance to 'educate' someone.

Here's a real life example of a discussion I had at a Hallowen party last year. I saw a female dressed as Zena and was expressing my admiration to someone else:

Me: "Wow, she has a great costume. She must have put alot of work into that"

Them: "They"

Me: " What?"

Them: "They put alot of work into that"

Me: "What do you mean?"

Them: "They like to be called 'they' not 'she'"

Me: "Why?"

Them: "Because they identify as 'they'"

Me: "Um, ok... but why?

Them: "Because that's how they identify"

Me: "But why?"

Them: "Because they do."

Note, not once was the person in question ever exposed tho this discussion... but it was expected I comply to their preference without any explanation why ...they... decided to change it. And to lead credence that this person I was talking to was a true SJW, she knitted a dozen 'pussy hats' for the Boston rally.

4:07 pm 13/11/2017


If I was in school in California with laws dictating pronouns I would make everyone call me "master" or "milord" or "your holiness", maybe "hoochie mama" or "stud muffin". One could really have a blast with this.

5:02 am 14/11/2017


I would self-identify as a deity and demand all people treat me as such. If you're going for absurd shoot for the stars!

5:33 am 14/11/2017


Quote by Flee:
Or just state you identify as a grapefriut. When they tell you that is dumb, give them the classic "well..." look

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