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Progressive definitions

0 comments, 300 views, posted 4:07 am 13/09/2019 in Rantings & Flame Bait by Quaektem
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Coup: When a party gets voted into power you disagree with.

End of Democracy: Someone is elected you don't like.

Fist Amendment Crisis: Someone criticizes MSNBC or CNN

Second Amendment Crisis: A Walmart in Alabama sells a fully automatic .22

Tyrant: A Republican or Tori in office

Electoral College: A blatant slap in the face of Democracy (despite the fact that the country is a Republic).

Misogynist: Any cis-male. Also any non-feminist woman.

Settled Law: Any law you agree with.

The Patriarchy: That unjust system set up by rich white men to oppress women that has resulted in longer jail terms for men, more men incarcerated, more male suicide, more men working at high risk jobs, men working longer hours, a domestic abuse system that assumes men are guilty, and a divorce system that assumes women should get custody of the children, alimony and a majority of 'marital property' especially if they didn't work during the marriage.

Body Shamer: Someone who won't date your fat ass

White Privilage: The fact that every white kid grows up in upper class suburbs and every non-white kid grows up in abject poverty.

Wage Gap: The injustice that a stay-at-home mother with a part-time job at a local curio shop doesn't make as much money as a deep sea drill rig worker.

Black Lives Matter: When black people are shot by white people are cops it is an injustice. When blacks kill blacks don't worry about it.

All Lives Matter: RACIST!!!

Racist: Someone who disagrees with you

Sexist: Someone who disagrees with you

Bigot: Someone who disagrees with you

Homophobe: Someone who disagrees with you

Transphobe: Someone who disagrees with you

Islamaphobe: Someone who disagrees with you

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